Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Inktober in The Artist magazine

To mark this year's Inktober, I've written an article about drawing with ink for the November 2019 issue of The Artist magazine, which was published on 4 October. It features the work of Cynthia Barlow Marrs, Len Grant and Nick Kobyluch, as well as by me. My thanks to all of them. They are all ink-using artists whose work I particularly admire, and who I have interacted with, one way and another, online and in the real world over the years.

They don't all get involved in Inktober, and I don't always. (Inktober is all about sharing images made with ink on social media with the #inktober hashtag.) I certainly do not intend to post an ink image every day through October (although, hey, I'm 100% up to date two days in). But we all have to find the best way for us. Inktober may just give the creative daily impetus that is needed to make a personal breakthrough. Anything that inspires has to be a good thing.

You can see more of my drawings, which are usually in ink in one form or another by going to Instagram. Some of them may even have the Inktober hashtag. Thanks, too, to the nice people at The Artist for publishing it.