Sunday, 21 January 2018

When NBC Nightly News visited

It came out of the blue, but an NBC news team visited a couple of weeks ago to interview and film me as part of a story they were working on about Urban Sketchers. The focus of the story was on the group working at Syracuse, New York, but they were also interested in reflecting the international angle, and somehow alighted on me, as one of those who helped set up the London group in 2012. After interviewing me in front of a couple of my prints at home, we went up the road to the park so they could film me drawing (above).

You can see the full report on NBC Nightly News (broadcast on 20 January 2018), complete with me whooshing by midway through. Don't blink.

Interested in finding out more about Urban Sketchers? Follow these links to find out more about us internationally or in London. (That's us above on a recent visit to Tate Modern.) Here's a link to the Syracuse chapter – thanks to Bill Elkins for setting this all in motion.

You can see more of my work on Instagram, Flickr and Twitter.