Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Drawing for DocPerform

I was commissioned to draw an image for this month's DocPerform 2 symposium at City, University of London, which considers the future of documents and the documentation of performance. It was an enjoyable project to take on, and features two recognisable London venues and another one plucked from the imagination.

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Murray Dewhurst said...

I recognise the Globe straight away from the full-size replica we have in Auckland at the moment, and the Royal Albert Hall of course from walking past it many times back in the early 90's (stupidly never went to a concert there) The Globe didn't exist then, but I recall visiting the vacant site.

James Hobbs said...

I didn't know about Auckland's pop-up Globe - it's an interesting idea. We visited London's Globe earlier in the year to see Romeo & Juliet and it's a refreshingly unstuffy way of seeing Shakespeare.