Saturday, 12 November 2016

View from the campus

I've recently started a masters in Library and Information Science at City, University of London, and with a new heap of deadlines to meet and new areas to immerse myself in, finding time to draw has become both more difficult, and more necessary, than ever. Finding new challenges and discovering under-utilised parts of my own brain is fantastically invigorating; the academic environment is an exciting one to find myself in. Long reading lists, hours in the libraries, new technologies and an interesting, diverse cohort have been an introduction to a new world. But it is also a world that reinforces just how much the act of simply putting ink on paper is one that is vital to me.
This drawing isn't a view from the City campus at all – only these words are. The drawing is of Finsbury Park, north London, not far up the road from where I live, and drawn during a break from having my head in books for perhaps too long.