Monday, 8 February 2016

Encre et Stylo: out now

My new book Pen and Ink is published this year, and first out of the blocks is the French edition, Encre et Stylo (Editions Pyramyd), on 11 February. Editions in English, German and Spanish are published later in 2016 – more news here when these come out.

The 208-page book explores the wide variety of approaches that the medium embraces, the range of pens and inks the artists use, and insights into how and why they use them. It includes around 100 images, by international illustrators, artists, urban sketchers and students – some you may know already, some you probably won't.     

Who is in Pen and Ink? Here's a list of the 34 artists who generously agreed to let their images be used. My heartfelt thanks to them all.

Phoebe Atkey, UK
Cachetejack, Spain
Cynthia Barlow Marrs, UK
Michelle Cioccoloni, UK
Caroline Didou, France
Nicholas Di Genova, Canada
Jedidiah Dore, USA
Rohan Eason, UK
Joan Ramon Farré Burzuri, Spain
Pamela Grace, UK
Marina Grechanik, Israel
Tyga Helme, UK
Amer Ismail, UK
Sabine Israel, Germany
Nina Johansson, Sweden
Loui Jover, Australia
Òscar Julve, Spain
Eleni Kalorkoti, UK
Fred Kennett, UK
Olivia Kemp, UK
Ch’ng Kiah Kiean, Malaysia
Chris Lee, UK
Dalit Leon, UK
Michael Lukyniuk, Canada
Fred Lynch, USA
Joe Munro, UK
Fraser Scarfe, UK
Rolf Schroeter, Germany
Suhita Shirodkar, USA
Mike Slaton, USA
Swasky, Spain
Susan Toplitz, USA
Patrick Vale, USA/UK
Wendy Winfield, UK

There are some drawings by me as well.

You can order the French edition on Amazon now.

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