Friday, 21 March 2014

Drawing Jay Scott and the Find

I spent an enjoyable evening last night at a gig by Jay Scott and the Find at the Underbelly, Hoxton Square, where we'd been invited to draw by the band's management. This is not my usual choice of subject; as with drawing in the BBC studios in January, it was a challenge to draw a scene that wouldn't usually get me reaching for the marker pen, but that is no reason to back down. The low and changing light levels, the liveliness of the audience, and perplexing problem of drawing while holding a bottle of beer all contributed to the outcome.

Our thanks to Jay Scott and the Find, who have a new album out soon.


Unknown said...

Yes it is difficult to draw in these circumstances! I think it was a big success. You have captured the atmosphere too.

James Hobbs said...

Thanks, Paulina. Kind of you to say.
I hear some people saying they'd like their drawings to be looser, which an event of this kind could certainly help bring about. But my drawings could often do with being tighter - fat chance of that happening here.

Don McNulty said...

The marker colour is a nice addition.

James Hobbs said...

Thanks, Don!