Friday, 19 July 2013

Sketchcrawling around Spitalfields

Christ Church Spitalfields, London

I met up with Urban Sketchers Pete Scully, Sue Pownall, Dave Black, Olha Pryymak and Evelyn Rowland – and many more – at Pete's sketchcrawl around Whitechapel and Spitalfields this week, some of them fresh from the USk symposium in Barcelona. London is still reeling from having a summer on its hands – a novel concept and the first in living memory for many – meaning that the conditions were in stark contrast to the sketchcrawl last winter at Tate Modern when temperatures were sub-zero and huskies were compulsory. 

Commercial Street, London

Pete's route took in a variety of places related to Jack the Ripper, the serial killer in 1880s London, ending up at the Ten Bells pub in on Commercial Street, where we compared drawings and supped restorative liquids, next to Hawksmoor's fantastic Christ Church Spitalfields. It's a part of town that is culturally rich, creative, graffiti-adorned, historic, poor and beautiful. It isn't perfect, but it's exactly what makes London such a great place. The East End has a lifetime of drawing in it – and that's why it was a great place for Pete to arrange a sketchcrawl.


Don McNulty said...

Sitting here dripping with envy in Vancouver which is all of 127 years old, of course nothing that old is left standing, well a couple, most demolished for fast food joints. I love reading about this wonderful sketch crawl, thanks for posting.

James Hobbs said...

Thanks, Don. The construction of Christ Church started 300 years ago next year - although it is lucky to have survived, and in great shape now. It's amazing what got demolished, or was nearly demolished.

Unknown said...

Lovely to finally meet you in person and to sketch with you. The restorative liquids and chat at the end were a great end too.

petescully said...

Great to meet you finally James, and see your excellent sketchbook in person! Look forward to sketching alongside you on a future crawl.

James Hobbs said...

Yes, good to meet you both, Sue and Pete.