Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Sketchbook show in Victoria, Canada

Canadian urban sketcher Matthew Cencich has curated a small show of sketchbooks at a local library in Victoria, British Columbia, and included a couple of my London sketchbooks among those by six other international artists: Gabriel Campanario (Seattle), Virginia Hein (Los Angeles), Sigrid Albert (Vancouver), Luis Ruiz (Malaga), Kumi Matsukawa (Tokyo) and Matthew Cencich (Victoria).

All the books are around A5 size, so it is good to see the drawings at their actual size, rather than as variable images on our screens and tablets. And I can't help thinking that libraries, those most fantastic of places, are a great place to exhibit sketchbooks.

The books are showing at the Oak Bay Library, 1442 Monterey Avenue, Victoria, BC, until 30 June.  There's a post by Matthew about the display on the Urban Sketchers blog.


matthew_c said...

Hi James,
I agree that libraries are fantastic places! The perfect place to display a group of sketchbooks. Just wanted to let you know that the exhibit is generating a huge amount of interest, librarians have been swamped with positive comments and requests for further information on the urban sketchers group. I was asked to include a written blurb on how to participate in the group which I put in the display today.
They have asked me to do a display at the main library downtown which I will consider.
There really is something about seeing a sketchbook "in the flesh". It is a very inspiring little exhibit. Thanks again for lending me your wonderful sketchbooks!

jacqui boyd alden said...

I love looking through sketchbooks as they tell you a lot more about the artist and their intent. Unfortunately,my use is sporadic to say the least and that says a lots about me as an artist! lol

James Hobbs said...

Thanks again for asking me, Matthew. Good to hear it's being appreciated.
Sporadic is better than not at all, Jacqui!