Friday, 28 September 2012

Regent Street meets Tenerife

I've always been interested in how a piece of work leaves home to make a life for itself once you have sold it. It's not often I get to see where they end up. And then last week, two lovely buyers Natalie Ward and Vanessa Skinner sent me this photograph of one of my prints they'd purchased from Skylark Galleries in its new home in Tenerife.

How can Regent Street's (rather simplified) architectural charms and a double-decker bus look so at home off the coast of Africa looking out at the North Atlantic? But what wouldn't? My thanks to them for sending this.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

On the Greenwich sketchcrawl

Royal Observatory, Greenwich

I joined the London Urban Sketchers sketchcrawl around Greenwich last weekend, along with about 50 other artists. Greenwich is still recovering from the Olympic Games; the equestrian stadium is still standing, so parts of the park are closed, and local traders are reported in the local press as saying their takings were down by as much as 50% over the Olympic period, although things seemed busy last weekend.

It was a great day for a sketchcrawl, and there are more planned for the coming months. Dates will be announced on the London Urban Sketchers website.

Astronomy Centre, Greenwich

Top: Royal Observatory, and above, Astronomy Centre, Greenwich, London

Monday, 17 September 2012

Still at an IKEA store near you...

My A5-sized Kort art card range of London scenes is still available at IKEA stores. You can find out if they're in the store near you by looking here.

Update: they are no longer at an IKEA near you, although we still find the odd one in a frame around the store in Edmonton, north London.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Showing now on the South Bank...

I have a few more drawings and prints than usual on show at Skylark 2 as part of its featured artist rota, to coincide with the Thames Festival this weekend (8-9 September). Framed and unframed, big or small, there's possibly a work for you. The gallery is on the first floor with a great view of the river.

The show is on for a few weeks - it closes on 16 September. Follow me @jameshobbsart.