Friday, 27 July 2012

London's Olympic Stadium

The Olympic stadium in Stratford is a few miles away from where we live in north London, close enough, like most of London probably, for us to see its lights beaming into the night air on the evening of the opening ceremony's rehearsal. Tonight is the real thing.

Are Londoners cynical and moaning about the Olympics? Many are, but many of these moaning cynics were among the millions that went to see the Olympic torch as it passed around the country. I know: I was among them...


Don McNulty said...

I always enjoy your drawings. Also enjoying seeing London 24/7 on TV here. Love to visit London.

Anonymous said...

Nice too meet you here online so I can see your drawings.
I'am from Berlin and I draw daily too.
Today I found the Urban Sketchers in www and I'am happy for it.
Greetings Susanne Haun