Thursday, 1 March 2012

New: Urban Sketchers London blog

The London Urban Sketchers blog has gone live: Katherine Tyrrell is first up, followed by me, with more London-based artists blogging over the coming days and weeks.
The blog is the latest regional offshoot of the international Urban Sketchers - you can find the main website here.


jacqui boyd alden said...

Great new blog. Love looking at all that art. I have a contributor suggestion for you, Heather James. She has a regular blog about her drawing project around London and I think she is a member of Urban Bloggers as well.

Congrats on the new Prints for Ikea. I must look out for them in our local store, Round Rock TX. I know you don't like the W's but do you have any drawings around Strutton Ground, Old Pye street or Paddington/Marylebone? My home turf.

James Hobbs said...

Hi Jacqui - Yes, I've seen Heather James's work. She's an Urban Sketchers member and hopefully she can come along to the London sketchcrawl that is planned for the spring.
I don't mind the "W" postcodes, but I don't know them as well. I have drawn Paddington, as it is my railway route home to Devon.
I understand the IKEA prints are in stock at Round Rock! J