Monday, 6 February 2012

James Hobbs images on sale at IKEA

News! I'm very happy to say that five of my images have just gone on sale at IKEA. Wherever you are in the world, there's a chance they're in stock at your nearest branch. But check here before you make a special journey:

My original digital prints are still on sale at Skylark 2, The Art Agency and Printroom, London.

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And you can find out more about my work on my main website:


Sand Hill Art said...

I like your use of a heavy ink line; a different look from most.

James Hobbs said...

Thanks. It's a crop of a larger image so the line looks thicker than it is in reality - although it is quite thick anyway.

Don McNulty said...

Hi James,just got your cards from our Ikea way out here on the NorthWest edge of North America, they are 5"X 7"perfectly printed on nice card stock, they look great. Ikea has a set in frames, and they of course sell the frames also.
And then when I got home my copy of "The Art of Urban Sketching" had arrived. Happy Happy!

James Hobbs said...

Hi Don. Thanks for your report! As I said on the Urban Sketchers site, the world just got very very small. (You've visited your store in North America before I get a chance to get to ours in north London.)

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...
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