Sunday, 30 October 2011

My stolen bike

My black Marin Kentfield, stolen, padlocked, from the bike shed in our garden in Stoke Newington today. I'd say it was a much loved bike, but I haven't had it long since the last one was stolen.

This one I have security tagged, photographed, insured and burdened with padlocks. Will I ever see it again?* Let me know if you see it.

Frame number JB11640GJD037

* Let's face it, no.


Yuriy said...

Sorry to hear that.

Does it make any sense to insure bikes? Mine is second hand (not stolen, hopefully) so I didn't consider that, but I wonder how expensive a bike should be to justify the hassle.

James Hobbs said...

Ours were covered under our house insurance. The hassle is the worst of it. Getting a second-hand one seems the better route (he admits, glumly).

Anonymous said...

do you have something like craig list in London? On the local news they have been reporting that there have been a lot of reports of people finding their stuff being sold on that way and contacting the police who then do a sting op. Or alternately they (the victim)pretend to be a buyer so they can check it out before calling the police.

Maybe you need to get security cameras installed if they are brazen enough to go into your garden. Only one step more and they would be in your house.