Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Heron Tower, Bishopsgate

While I am sitting drawing in one of the many cafes on Bishopsgate, younger daughter is on a school trip to Heron Tower, the modern tower with the zigzags in the centre of my drawing. She was whisked up with her year 5 class to the 21st floor where they met two architects who had been working on the recently opened 46-storey building. They showed them their drawings, before the children drew their own views of the city through the windows as they lay on their stomachs on the floor.

I saw some of their drawings in the school corridor a couple of days later as I waited to meet her teacher for the end-of-term report. They were great, really excellent (as was her report). Why didn't I get school trips like that? When did I last make a drawing lying on my stomach?


geraldo roberto da silva said...


Murray Dewhurst said...

No they didn't do school trips like that in our day unfortunately. I'm surprised you didn't try to lie on the floor with the kids - I can imagine an excellent Hobbs work drawn from up there!

Caroline said...

Brilliant, the only trips we had were to see plays in Manchester.. might mean a great new generation of artists coming up!

jane said...

Do you think if I asked nicely, they would let me go up and lie on the floor and draw?

Sounds like great fun.

(currently planning trip down to London. Haven't tried to sketch there before - will be quite exciting!)

canvas artwork said...

such cool work