Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Swiss Schiffstation

We had a family summer holiday this year in a youth hostel on the banks of Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. One day we took a ferry to the village of Beckenried on the opposite side, the lights of which we would watch twinkling across the silent evening air each night.

Next to Beckenried's ferry station is, in the great integrated transport system that is Switzerland, a cable car that whooshed us up 1600m to the resort of Klewenalp. We then spent the rest of the day working our way down through clanking cows and staggeringly beautiful scenery.

You rarely get to spend much time between transport connections in Switzerland, so I had to be quick to get this drawing done as we waited for the ferry that took us back to Gersau.


Anonymous said...

James, How are you? Good looking blog. Happy to see you made it to Switzerland too bad we had already left Geneva or you could have visited.

Anyway we are now in North Carolina so if you get to this area please look us up.

c h e e r s
Fred and Colette File
Labarthe - Bleys - 2005 - flatmates

James Hobbs said...

Hey Fred, hey Colette! How are you - how can I get in touch? Funny memories of the time in France. Hope you're both well. No plans to go to North Carolina at present!