Friday, 17 September 2010

A bridge too far

"Visit [his blog] to see if James won," suggests the final line in an article in today's Stoke Newington Gazette about the Blackfriars Bridge competition. Well thanks for checking, if you are, and no I didn't, this time. It looks as if it will become an annual competition, or for as many years as it takes to finish building the new station, so it can wait until another day.

But the exhibition continues until Sunday 19 September at the Bankside Gallery — where the shortlisted work (see previous blogs) is for sale. There was a private view earlier this week and I realise now that I've just spent the morning walking around Stoke Newington with a sticky label on my lapel saying: "James Hobbs, exhibiting artist".

Above, St Mary's old church, Stoke Newington


Caroline said...

Oh, too bad, James- still, chin up, at least you were shortlisted and 'there's no accounting for folks taste'! X

James Hobbs said...

Yes, the chin is up. Maybe I'll do a Banksy on the bridge instead.