Saturday, 17 April 2010

Planeless skies

Planes on their way to land at Heathrow airport loop high over our house on their way towards west London — well, normally they do. The volcanic ash cloud drifting across Europe from Iceland has now meant that the restrictions on UK airspace will continue for a few days at least. This is bad news for many who are trapped in the UK (being an island has its drawbacks) as well as those trying to return home from Easter holidays.

So the skies are empty, silent and cloudless here today. I'm working with the window open, and you wouldn't believe how wonderfully silent London can be.

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Anonymous said...

I have a friend who is stuck in Leics at the moment, freaking out as the boredom grows by the hour. This is a person who goes on about mediation and all that spiritual stuff but I suppose that is irrelevant when you are stuck in the UK without your family. Enjoy the empty skies whilst you can.