Sunday, 10 May 2009

By the pool

I've never found it so easy to sit by a pool for too long - some of the people staying at the same holiday village as us in northern Cyprus seemed able to nurture their tans from straight after breakfast until dinner, gradually shifting their sun beds over the day so they were in line with the sun, like human sun dials.

If I'm packing for travel, the essentials are a passport, ticket, money, insurance, sketchbook and pens, a novel or two and a penknife. I could manage without a camera now, except it's good to have photographs of everyone having a good time, and being able to record the children growing up. The drawings can never do that. I'd sooner be without a novel than a sketchbook. The clock is ticking every day in terms of drawing. We may be out to relax, but coming home without drawings is too awful to contemplate.

So we sit by the pool for a bit, and the sun's not too hot, and the pool is quite cold, except we all go in, the kids particularly keenly. And then I have to draw, whatever is in front of me. I'm not sure it really matters at all what I do draw. If I had to spend time in solitary confinement I think I'd still manage to keep going. And then I read a bit, until it's time to draw a bit more, with a slightly uneasy feeling that the sun is drying out the pens, even though they are in the shade under the sunbed. But it's best to use them before they do dry out. Pencils are so much better in this respect.

By this time, we're about 90 minutes into the day. The world beyond beckons. How do people keep going by the pool all day? Some are evidently happy to lie low all day, on their own, with a thick novel and time on their hands. Perhaps it is because there is no extradition treaty between northern Cyprus and Britain, and the weeks spread before them. But don't quote me on that.


Anonymous said...

you can always spot the people new to this area at this time of year,as they are bright red as you don't expect to get sunburn before 10 am. After 9 yrs here, you know you mow the lawn before 10 or after 7, always take a bottle of water with you if you are going out for a while and wear a hat to soak up the sweat. Heat is basically bad! I am sure though that Elisabeth's friend from Scotland who is arriving in 10 days, will do exactly the same as my Father-in-law, sit like a lobster and drink like a fish, so she can blend in with all friends back in Scotland who have been on their bi-annual trip to Spain. No doubt if I was still in the dreich land that is Scotland I would do the same.

Whenever I am out with the dog, I see a scene and think I should sketch that but never do. Its the thought of all the sweat dripping everywhere putting me off - well that is my excuse for today. LOL

Jim Manson said...

Good day to you Mr Hobbs.

Unrelated to your last post, but just found this in the Urban Dictionary:

james hobbs
Quite possibly the biggest legend in the world.

Men want to be him, ladies want to be with him. Yes, he is that damn great.
Bow down! Here comes James Hobbs!

Can the two of you possibly be related.

James Hobbs said...

Absolutely no relation. If only.

fleamarketjunkie said...

If I were to go on vacation, I would see to it that I have all my time spent there at my disposal. I can sit around the pool and sketch fast or drown myself in a good mystery thriller as I relax by the poolside. oblivious to all those people.