Friday, 24 April 2009

The tide goes out

Northern Cyprus is fantastically beautiful in many ways. The mountains that run south of Kyrenia, or Girne, are spectacular, with castles and ruined abbeys, olive trees and palms. But a mile or so towards the coast a tide of development has risen, and then fallen dramatically in the past few years. These unfinished buildings, that all show no signs of being currently worked on, are on a 15-mile stretch of one road. There are many more, hundreds more.


Caroline said...

These are strange, unreal and amazing...did you draw any?

James Hobbs said...

You know, I didn't. I only thought photography. Part of it was the idea of spending too much time with the family on the side of a busy road when there was a perfectly good pool to sit beside. I drew the pool.

Fiona the Artist said...

I lived in Cyprus for 14 years, in the Greek Cypriot part of Nicosia, and my paintings are still based on Cyprus themes. I also know Kyrenia well, so your post was really interesting! (I also have a blog on this site about my work.)