Friday, 13 October 2006

Worst suspicions

Oh dear. I upset Mrs Traylor of Llandudno in a recent entry by mentioning that I ride a bike. She goes to the effort of writing to the Artists & Illustrators office to express her disappointment. "So Hobbs rides a bike," she writes in the November issue. "This confirms my worst suspicions." And that is it. Thank you, Mrs Traylor.
And thank you, too, to Beatrice Hoyland (any relation to John?) of London, who starts her letter "Cyclists are rude and arrogant" before going on at length about what a grim bunch cyclists are. Oh yes, and Pru Harris of Surrey, also keen to get into the act, signs off her letter with "I hate cyclists too!"
Calm down. I'm only going to work.


Anonymous said...

Hey, yeah, I agree - nice blog but i haven't found a place where you can make $800 or more a month in fact not even a tenner but when i do i will get back to you. in the mean time i would like to say i think it is fantastic that you choose to travel by bike (like me)and i have come across a few rude and arrogant car drivers, i wonder how Pru Harris (any relation to Paul?) and Beatrice Hoyland get about.

Anonymous said...

as long as you're not one of those cyclists who ride one of those posh all singing, all dancing racing bikes and bomb along at 30mph..i tell you, it's very unnerving to be driving along in your car and thinking "right, i'll just get past this bike" and then find that the cyclist is going approx the same speed as you are!

James Hobbs said...

As the average speed for cars in London is only 11mph I think you'll find that cyclists have better things to do than try to get around slower than cars in traffic jams.